Artist Sean Dower invited me, along with my often co-collaborator Eben Bull, to take part in this improvised percussion trio. As part of his residency at The Earl Beaconsfield Gallery in London, Sean had installed a huge array of drums and percussion instruments that were enticingly dispersed, and in some cases dismantled, over the vast floorspace of a Victorian railway arch. After setting up seven microphones to capture the sound dimensionally, we moved freely around the spotlit performance space to make one free and expansive recording, coloured throughout by the cavernous reverb of the arch (as well as the regular overhead rumblings of trains going to and from Waterloo Station).  Sean and I then mastered the audio at my studio before installing it back in the space––on a quadrophonic electroacoustic speaker system––for the duration of the residency.  

For more information please visit Sean Dower's website, or use the contact form.